What does L’agenceuse do for you?


  • She will help you to enhance your property and sell it more quickly through home staging
  • She will help you redecorate and organise your home
  • She will give you advice on decoration and layout
  • She will give your furniture, lamps and objects a second life


  • She will help you rearrange and reorganise your office space
  • She will harmonise your premises and create your shop window decoration
  • She will design the decoration for your event


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Inner Space Missions

Home Staging Mission

The aim of home staging is to sell your house or apartment faster with little or no negotiation. Beyond this pragmatic and essential aspect, home staging can also help us to better understand the relationship we have with our interior.

Home staging an empty property

In the case of an empty property, it is necessary to furnish and accessorise the space as some potential buyers will simply not feel a connection to an empty house. This aspect of home staging not only allows the volumes of a room to be better visualised through the furniture but also tells the visitor a story: the simple story of a warm home that touches everyone’s heart.

Home staging of an occupied house

The home staging of an inhabited property can be a delicate phase as the occupant of the property has to agree to a new view of his/her interior in order to adapt it to the future buyer. By inviting you to sort out, put away and say goodbye to some objects associated with a bygone era, home staging in this case has almost therapeutic virtues!

Mission to reconquer the interior

Layout, a question of balance

The layout of an interior is a question of balance that needs to be (re)found: the balance between too many and too few objects, the balance of colours, the balance of the layout, etc.

Sometimes it is necessary to bring in an outside eye that can see what we no longer see. Different solutions are found depending on the case:

Restoring harmony by rearranging furniture

Decluttering, tidying and rearranging

Transforming a cold interior into a warm cocoon

Be master of your kingdom

Have you ever noticed that when you clean and tidy your home, you immediately feel better? As if you were doing the cleaning and tidying inside yourself? When you take the time to put flowers in a vase, a new plant in your lounge or new cushions on your sofa, don’t you feel the joy that it brings you?

These little things are not trivial. They are part of a process that helps us to focus on the positive aspects of our lives, to create beauty in our everyday lives. To care for your home is to be ruler of your kingdom.

Will you dare to reclaim your inner space?

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Communication and Marketing at the start

I have been working in communications and marketing for many years, exploring different aspects. I was an event designer and organiser, then I trained in graphic design and website creation. In recent years, I have concentrated on the editorial side of communication and marketing.

These fields are all about balance and nuance. The balance between the message that the seller wants to convey and the message that the potential buyer is ready to receive, the balance between listening and proposing, the balance of shapes and colours in visual communication, the balance of a text in its structure, its words and its sentences, the balance between creativity and rigour, the balance between our private and our public selves.

Interior layout and Decoration: A new life

In 2021, I realised that I no longer wanted to sit in front of a computer all day. I realised that what really gave me pleasure was to create with my hands, to be concrete, to do something more “authentic”, more in line with my deepest aspirations.

I had always had a passion for finding layout solutions for myself or my friends, but who knows why, I thought it was unattainable, too ambitious to make it my job.

Eventually, my vision began to change. The pieces of the puzzle started to fall into place and it all started to make sense:

  • When I was younger, my limited financial resources as a single mum at home made me learn to find solutions on a shoestring and I discovered that I loved DIY;
  • Over time, I learned to appreciate as a strength my sensitivity to atmospheres, which I had long considered a burden.

By the end of 2021, I was finally ready to take the plunge. I started studying to become an interior designer specialising in home staging. This online course with the European Training Centre took just over a year and led to a certificate in Interior Design and Home Staging.

Today, in 2023, I am passionately embarking on my new life as a home stager and interior designer with a desire to help those who wish to live more harmoniously at home.

Homestaged homestager

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