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Chambre après omsteïging

A bedroom in the countryside

Vue de la cuisine après omsteiging

A bright flat

Chambre après omsteïging - B

A Zen bedroom under the roof

Has your home been on the market for months? Have you had only a few viewings and not received any interesting offers? Are you in a hurry to sell, for whatever reason, but not at any price? Home staging could be the answer for you!

Highlight your property

Home staging or property enhancement is the art of staging a property (house or apartment) with the aim of selling it quicker, with little or no negotiation.

This practice has an immediate effect on the attractiveness of your property when combined with beautiful photographs and an advertisement with engaging text.

You will be amazed at the change in the way people view your home after home staging. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to transform a dull interior into a warm and inviting place to live.

My offer to you is to present your property for sale in the best possible light, so that you can get through this delicate phase of your life with a little more joy and serenity.

My training as a qualified interior decorator with a specialisation in home staging, my long experience in communication and marketing and, above all, my passion for interior design and decoration are my assets in creating the ideal conditions for the sale of your home.

You cannot catch flies with vinegar!

Photos are a very important part of your advert. Bad photos put people off and cut you off from potential buyers, while good photos attract visitors. Do we put a photo on our CV that shows us sulking, badly combed, and looking elsewhere? No, of course not, we show ourselves in our best light. So why subject our home to this treatment? Yet this is still too often the case.

The home staging I propose to you is accompanied by a series of photographs (2 or 3 views depending on the rooms) which will be the final touch to the beauty of your home.

Home staging of a bright flat

Slide the cursor left or right to see the before and after parts

Salon avant homestagingSalon après homestaging


The main room of this apartment was a little too personalized for sale.

It was agreed to repaint the walls white for a more neutral decor, adaptable to the tastes of as many people as possible, and to remove objects that were too personal, such as the statue of Isis.

By streamlining the decor, the room gained in clarity and space, allowing the volumes to show through.

One wall, however, has been painted pinkish taupe, a relatively neutral hue that’s warm enough to avoid the clinical look of white.

Salon avant home staging - 2Salon après home staging - 2
Cusine avant homestagingCusine après homestaging


The spacious kitchen suffered from an old-fashioned look due to the original cupboards. Repainted in light colors and fitted with new handles, they have completely revitalized this room.

Decluttering the worktop and table, and adding a colorful tablecloth finished the job.


The master bedroom offers a beautiful space with two windows overlooking the garden.

Here, the main task of home staging was to remove the excess of personal belongings, de-clutter and tidy up.

Chambre principale après home staging
Chambre principale avant homestaging - Vue 2Chambre principale  après homestaging - Vue 2

One wall, originally painted terracotta, was repainted white.

Chambre d'amis avant homestagingChambre d'amis après homestaging


The guest room was given a new look, with new curtains and different bed linen to match the color of the walls.

The balance of volumes was restored with two small stools serving as bedside tables, and two lamps.

Apart from the curtains, found at a flea market, everything else was already in the house.


The office hasn’t changed much, apart from a little tidying up.

A slightly damaged wall was repainted white.


Bureau avant home stagingBureau après home staging
Buanderie avant homestagingBuanderie après homestaging


The laundry room has been reorganized and tidied up to create more space.


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Staging a bedroom in the countryside

Drag the cursor left or right in the centre of the image to discover the room transformation.

Chambre avant homestagingChambre après homestaging


As part of this home staging, the country chic style seemed the perfect choice to give personality to this room. The bedroom of this country house overlooks a garden and I already had all the elements to create this atmosphere.

I kept the footboard, which I painted white and used as a headboard for the bed.

The armchair that was already in the room was given a new look. After stripping it, I left the wood raw and covered it in faux fur. 

The bedside tables were made from two sideboards found at Emmaüs and in the bulky waste, then painted white.

The structure of the console is from Emmaüs and was painted white. The top was cut from an old board, sanded and oiled.

The lamps were found in the house. The legs were simply repainted beige and the lampshades were bought on Le Bon Coin.

Chambre avant homestagingChambre après homestaging
Chambre avant homestagingChambre après homestaging

The paintings and the curtain were found in Emmaüs, the carpet on Le Bon Coin. The bedspread was found in the house, as were the cushions. We only had to sew the cushion covers with fabric bought in Emmaüs. The pendant is homemade, with a structure found in Emmaüs and a ball of wool.

The only new elements are two plaids joined together and the faux fur on the armchair.

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Home staging: A Zen bedroom under the roof

The salmon pink walls and electric blue carpet gave this room a dated and faded look.

As the wallpaper was in good condition, it was painted white. The carpet was replaced with a PVC wood floor imitation.

The mirror tiles were too difficult to remove, so they were supplemented with other tiles. The result is a large mirror that makes the room look bigger.

Chambre avant omsteïgingChambre après omsteïging

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