Transformation (furniture, objects, lamps)

Is your hallway haunted by an old sideboard? Do your chairs no longer please you? But you do not want to get rid of them because you are sentimental!

Decoration shops and websites would have us believe that the beauty of our interior depends solely on the purchase of new objects and accessories. True, these shops are full of brand-new beauties, but every home has its treasures. And if that rare pearl is not already at home, it may be waiting for you at a flea market, at Emmaüs or even on the pavement among the bulky items destined for destruction.

Stripped, sanded, repainted, repurposed, old furniture and accessories have more than one life to offer.

Table basse avant transformationTable basse après transformation

A smaller but cuter table

This painted table has been stripped, sanded and waxed. A false drawer has been added to fill the gap left by the missing one. The legs have been shortened to make a coffee table to decorate a hypnotherapist’s office.

Suspension avant transformationSuspension après transformation

A wool pendant lamp

A pendant lamp found at Emmaüs was transformed with a ball of wool to decorate a room in the “chic country house” style.

Fauteuil avant transformationFauteuil après transformation

Revealing its true face

This armchair was hidden behind a shiny brown lacquer that did not match its personality and made it look dull. Its elegance was revealed when it was stripped down. Coverd with a faux sheepskin, its simple beauty was perfectly in keeping with the country chic style created for a bedroom.

Lampe beige

Bedside lamps

To home stage a country chic style bedroom, two lamp bases found in the house were repainted in taupe and topped with lampshades found on Le Bon Coin.

Pied lampe façon pierre

Rock effect

The lamp base was bored in the garage. A mixture of paint and soil gave it this rock effect, bringing it back into the limelight and anchoring the decor of a hypnotherapist’s office.

Rescued from the rubbish bin

One of these side tables came from Emmaüs, the other from bulky items found on the pavement. They were cleaned, sanded and repainted to create a country chic bedroom.


A grey metal frame picked up in Emmaüs, a timeless plank found at the bottom of the cellar, a few sandings and coats of paint later, this console thrones in this “country chic” bedroom created as part of a home staging.

Pied lampe vieilli

Aged effect, new youth

A plastic, wood-imitating lamp base has been given a second wind with an aged effect paint. It blends in with the décor of a hypnotherapist’s office.